Shop Policies

Shipping & Handling
Order processing may take anywhere from 3-10 business days.
Once a package is shipped, it will typically take 3-5 days to be delivered.
Returns and exchanges are strictly prohibited.
All orders will be shipped via USPS, and automatically include tracking info which is sent in an email.
Once a package has entered the custody of USPS, it is no longer in my control. This includes if a package is lost, damaged or stolen.
If loss, damage or theft occurs, it is the customers responsibility to contact USPS and file a claim.
To do so, please visit

Materials & Allergens:
All orders are packaged inside of a home with 3 cats, I do my best to avoid any contamination but the presence of a cat hair or two is always a possibility.
All apparel is pre washed with detergent for sensitive skin.
Jewelry items are made using stainless steel, nickel free lever back hardware.